Yervant Workshop in Budapest 2012


“Let me be the first… thanks for all Attila and Eva, it was fun, full with inspiration, and needfull ideas from Yervant and Anie”

“Thanks a lot Yervant and Anie for everything, it was an honour and a pleasure to meet you, talk to you, learning from you! I hope to meet you again someday ! [:-)]
Also I want to thank you Attila for a very good organisation of the WS.
I wish you today to be ur best day of your life, I hope to see some pictures or at least digital proofs :)) from ur wedding. Have fun and let Yervant do the magic! :-)  “

“Dancing with Yervant”, workshop in Budapest…. I don’t have enough words to tell and thank you about beautiful experience I lived with “GURU”Yervant and his wonderful wife Anie. They are two extraordinary people who shared their experience helping us to learn more. I wish them a long and happy life and I hope we can meet again one day. The same wonderful thoughts I have also for Atilla and his beautiful wife Eva, which made possible our meeting with Yervant. Thank you Attila! I hope your wedding was exactly as you dreamed….  “

Soon a dream will come true in our lives. In September of 2012, Yervant – who has never before visited Central Europe – will arrive in Budapest and present two unique, inspirational 2-day workshops for a few really lucky wedding photographers.

Yervant is widely considered among the Top 5 wedding photographers in the world. His name is synonymous with the most influential photographers of our time.

What will you gain from this workshop?

  1. The first day, Yervant will introduce himself, present his works, his style and his philosophy and approach to wedding photography. He will show his most stunning images and explain his technique in great detail. The biggest part of the day:  live shoot with models (really couples). First he will provide a demonstration, then allowing you to experiment and shoot. Then back in class to start with finishing techniques.
  2. The next day Yervant will present more of his works and albums, explaining the reasoning behind his techniques. Then hands on Photoshop(so make sure you bring your laptop with Photoshop) so you can learn finishing techniques, album layouts, making of art…but what’s a great image if you cant’s market it and sell it? The program incorporates a comprehensive guide to running a successful photography business, exciting and novel marketing concepts, administrative fluidity and working towards healthier profits!

The workshop will be presented in English

First Workshop: 19-20 September 2012

Second Workshop: 24-25 September 2012 

Investment: AUD 850

You can pay the fee on easy terms. Now the total instalment (AUD 850) is due at time of registration and is required for booking.

We can help you to find your best accomodation.

Workshop is limited to only 20 students.

To spend two days with Yervant is an unforgettable experience for your life.

Come and join us!

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