Sergey Ivanov Workshop Budapest 2017 spring

In 2017 Sergey Ivanov is coming to Budapest again and presenting His fantastic, unique workshop for only 15 lucky wedding photographers

Aim of the class – the development of creativness, implying new technologies in the work with the image, creating exclusive beatiful art shots.

Workshop is designed for photographers of all levels and of different fields of photography.

During the workshop You will see all of the stages of creating a picture: photoshoot with no editing, photoshoot with light retouch in RAW converter, photoshoot with art retouch using Photoshop.

The workshop is 3 days long.

Plan 1 day: Theory Lecture time 11:00 — 17:00

  • My wedding photographer philosophy.
  • Demonstration of my work.
  • Main ideas of my work. Psychology of understanding a picture.

Volume, shadow and light. Contrast, Light, color, shape, dynamics. Linear and air perspective

  • Advice of how to earn much doing photography.

2 day: Theory and practice of shooting process. Lecture time 11:00 – 18:00

  • Choosing the best locations for the photoshoot in your town. Criterias of choosing the location.
  • Using additional accesories to creatt deeper impression.
  • Posing of the bride and a groom.
  • Work with the light: Author created light plans for any conditions. Flash lights( with umbrella, sof box, etc.) Video light. Mixed light.
  • Natural lighting – looking for places with better light. Work with the sun and the reflector. Perfect natural lighting.
  • Author created special effects.
  • Work with the guests.
  • Shooting for the wedding book. Details, issues.
  • Textures of the surrounding.
  • Night photoshoot with the flash light.
  • Photoshoot of participants under Sergej’s instructions.

You should better have with You: A body camera, Wide angle lens(14-28mm) and portrait lens( 70-135mm), Flash light with TTL synchronizer.

3 day: Theory and practice of retouch process. Lecture time 11:00 — 19:00

  • My post process philosophy.
  • Post-processing using RAW converter, Photoshop CC, additional plug-ins.
  • Processing of the pictures taken during the work shop.
  • Author created orginal post-process, retouch technique: accents, Light effects, textures, flying objects, etc.

You should better have a notebook, or a laptop to write some hints down.

All of the willing participants can bring their pictures to show and discuss.

On the flash drive will be availavle: Plug-ins and actions for Lightroom, Photoshop.

Links on web sites with useful materials for retouching. Links on web sites with interesting photographers.

Articles about editing and retouching in Photoshop. Photographs from previous workshops, and various variants of post-processing.


More of Sergey Ivanov: click

  • Date: April 2017 (3 day) – Location: Budapest – Hungary  Hotel Lanchid19

The workshop will be presented in Hungarian, and Russia

Available seats: 16

The full investment is only 550 EUR  

Booking is open!   

You can pay the fee on easy terms either bank transfer or PayPal  

The first instalment is 150 EUR due at time of registration and is required for booking.

Join now!!!

To spend three days with Sergey is an unforgettable experience for your life. Ask the former workshops attendants! :-)

More info:


  See you in September

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